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Blocking Your Path to Relationships

by Victoria (follow)
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Path to Success

The answers to this question from the people who admit to it are:-

All the time
I donít know
What do you mean? or
Never (who are they trying to kid?)

Everyone at some stage will block their own path to: enjoyment, happiness, laughter, jobs, completing training, relationships, their duty of care, being a good parent, their childrenís well being, their health and safety, create bad experiences or give poor advice, the things they love, reporting near misses, not completing something they started, putting things off, lying, cheating, stealing and the list goes on and on.

Why do we do this on a regular basis?
What stops us from our goals,
where do we go wrong?
Some of us at every step of our journey?

We can lose interest, have no confidence, be bored, have no time, work, kids, partners, relations, animals, not prepared, no desire, not taking action, beliefs, poor timing, no direction, bad advice, no vision, wait for someone else to do it, nasty attitude, no goals or dreams, missing opportunities, no drive to succeed, talk ourselves into I canít do it, not good enough, have not got the right skills, I can give up drugs and alcohol anytime or I donít have a problem with drugs or alcohol when every night you right yourselves off and the list just does not stop.

Why do we sabotage ourselves and when it all comes down to it, we canít blame anyone else for it. If we believe others when they are putting us down we alone make that choice. If we donít take on board their negative comments we might be able to overcome their thoughts and go back to concentrating on our own thoughts, dreams, ambitions or wishes.

Usually without outside negative influences we can follow our hearts and achieve great time of success. Self doubt is your own personal assassin and we use it every day in every way to crush ourselves into the void of self hatred, self loathing, self destroying, self worthlessness, self loss, we drown ourselves in
self pity when we should be able to find something to be grateful for no matter what the circumstances or situation we find ourselves in.

We have to teach ourselves to be in touch with our feelings and learn to control these emotions.
When we hold ourselves back from obtaining our dreams, desires or goals or not even having any to start with, we lose the drive to succeed now and/or obtaining it in the future and this will never achieve our reasons for being on earth.

We need to focus on what we want and be very specific about it. Talk about it and get it to a point where you can imagine having it, visualize it, hear it, taste it, feel it, smell it and it will manifest itself to you when the time is right, there must be no self doubt at any stage in this process and time is going to play a huge part in the obtaining.

Be grateful and true to yourself that this is what you want and it will help not only yourself but others as well and this will give it more meaning and justification.

Remember if what you want is not possible look at finding ways to achieve it or building up to it, it may be the time factor or where you are currently living, gaining new skills, it may take big changes for it to happen, it may take a shift in your mind set, before what you want can start to become reality Ė itís usually not only waiting for the planets to align but for you to align yourself getting what you want and thinking the right way to get it.

Be aware of what you are looking for and find way to work towards it, everything takes time, be patient and grateful through the processes and never lose sight of the end game.

Plan, believe, and make changes that will be a positive step in the right direction to obtaining your goal/dream/desires. Donít wait for someone else to do it for you or you may become disappointed and lose sight of what you asked for in the first place.

Be very specific about what you want and donít want and only ask for what you really want, do not dwell on the donít wants.

Find ways to make it happen regardless of any obstacles, donít let other people mess with your plans, if they love you they will see your desires and if they donít help you find other people who will.
Never give up on you as you are the master of your destiny.

# Focus
# Planning
# Self Awareness
# Proactive
# Patience
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