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by alex_ (follow)
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I met 'Brian' right after I broke up with 'Mike'. He was funny, charming and cute.

This sounds weird looking back because I had only spoken to Brian on grindr, we hadnít met and after talking for a while and getting along so well, he didnít even know my name or what I looked like which is strange but he never questioned it.

I lost touch with Brian after going home for Christmas and in that time I reflected on my relationship with Mike and vowed never to let that happen to me again.

Over the course of a few months I met a new guy, (Iím not going to talk about him now because he deserves his own story) I fell in love and ended up broken hearted. After the break-up I made some new friends, unaware that we already shared a mutual friend; Brian.

Our paths had crossed for the first time in six months and I had no clue what to do as my new friends were introducing me to one of their closest friends. He asked me straight off the bat if I was gay, I said yes and he replied ďcoolĒ.

I spent that entire night getting to know the real Brian, we talked about things we had done, things we were going to do and things we dreamt of doing. He never let on that he knew we had spoken before, I tried my hardest not to let it slip.

Puppy Love

By the end of the night I was like a love sick twelve year old, Brian was the first guy in a long time that took the time to get to know me, he made me laugh and he didnít push me aside for other guys that were into him.


About two weeks after getting to know him I decided to tell my friends that I liked Brian. It was then that I found out he had a boyfriend. They had been dating for six months and they were seriously in love with one another.

I was shattered.

Although I knew about his boyfriend and Brian had told me all about him, nothing stopped us from flirting with each other. It only happened while we were drunk and it wasnít anything serious, I enjoyed the attention and Brian just liked to be affectionate.


I grew to love Brian as a friend and even though I havenít seen him in a while I still catch myself thinking about what could have happened between us on the odd occasion but in retrospect Iím glad nothing ever occurred. Iíd rather have a friend than another ex.

As a final thought, I donít know why Brian didnít tell me about his boyfriend straight up and I guess I never will, just like he will never know that I was the guy that told him he was too cute to be wearing a puka shell necklace.

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