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Can Fighting be Good for your Relationship

by DanyaS (follow)
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Couple Fighting

We have all been in a situation where you don’t want to fall into an argument with your partner but somehow you both find yourselves in one once more. Having this negativity in your relationship should be avoided when possible. Having said that, can some arguing actually be good for your relationship?

When you are in the middle of a disagreement with your partner, take a moment to contemplate how it began. Was it simply a trivial matter, was it to get attention, or was it to keep the passion alive? Some of us tend to find ourselves picking arguments to see our partners express some additional form of attentiveness and care, especially in a long-term relationship.

In truth, some arguing can actually be healthy for your relationship. For one, it demonstrates that both parties care enough and that a fire still burns between them; regardless of whether you’ve been together for 7 months or 10 years. It can also give you mental clarity of what you want from that relationship, and make you both feel better.
Suppressing your true feelings and thoughts can only make things fester out of control into a far larger argument or even separation in the future.

Presenting a concern when emotions and anger are running high can make matters worse. Nonetheless, it is better than never expressing them. I have been told by my partner in the past that although he does not enjoy us arguing, that it would worry him if we did not; it, at least, makes him pleased to know that we both care so profoundly.

True love is about baring your soul to that someone and for them to accept you as you are. Sometimes, letting it all out in an argument can increase your intimacy with your partner, allowing them to unravel a deeper layer of you.

With that said, you should not go off and start a fight. Instead, if you can avoid an argument before it begins, then certainly do so and discuss your annoyances calmly. However, if you have already found yourself in a feud, try to see the brighter side of having more open lines of communication, or discovering that you are missing something in your relationship. Communication is key to a happy and long-lasting relationship, even if, at times, it comes in the form of an argument.

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I totally agree! Sometimes letting off steam and getting to the root of what matters is better for a relationship in the long-run.
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