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Fond Memories 1

by Sandyboy (follow)
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It was in the middle of November, and i was in Year 12.School had just finished for the day. And everyone was hurrying over to where the school buses would be in the parking lot. The buses hadn't arrived yet, so i waited beneath a wilting tree with a few friends, just talking.

Eventually my bus arrived. I said goodbye to my friends and got on. Then took a seat near the center of the bus and waited for it to move off.

The bus usually didn't have many passengers, so there was always plenty of seats on the bus. Which made what happened next, quite odd.

I was looking out the window, sort of staring at the clouds, when i felt a presence near me. I turned to see who it was and saw it was girl from my school,standing near my seat."Can i sit down?" I was surprised, but moved my bag so she could sit down. As i moved my bag, i twisted my head around to see if there other seats available and saw half the bus was empty!

I was fairly shy back then, so i did nothing and said nothing. Although part of me wanted to ask "why sit next to me?

The bus finally took off, and brought me home. Dropping her off first, then me. And as soon as i got home, i sorta stopped thinking about her.

However the next day, same thing happened again. The bus was practically empty and she came over to sit next to me. I moved my bag immediately, and let her sit down before she could ask and wondered again why?

Each day it happened, she would come over and sit beside me. Until i stopped bothering to put my bag down on the seat next to me and started assuming she would sit next to me.

It was only after a few weeks had passed, and the school holiday's were approaching that i made my move. I started to talking to her, and realized that she liked me. So i asked her for her phone number, and wrote it down on a piece of paper.

But i never called her. To this day, i don't really know why I didn't?


- Keep your happiest memories close
- Appreciate what you have, when you have it.
- And have no regrets about the past

Image courtesy of Vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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