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How To Be Attractive

by Millie Clayton (follow)
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Women need to return to the Natural Order
Image: dreamstime.com Love cuts both way. Both the woman and the man need to be available.

The Role of Feminism in Creating Confusion.

Feminism has dictated that confusion be surrounded in the dating arena. Women want to take control of their dating lives. Unfortunately, this can eventuate into chasing men that don't like them. As a result, women can end up feeling stupid and lonely. Whilst women should be encouraged to go for what they want; we need to be better equipped at reading the signs. A woman can be the greatest woman in the world possessing utmost beauty and inner confidence, yet if a man is not emotionally available - then these qualities will be deemed irrelevant.

The Natural Order

In order to be attractive, a woman must stick to the natural order. I don't want to step on too many toes when I say this, but there is a way for women to be assertive without being desperate.

The way things have always worked according to Nature is that multiple men plead their case to women in which women select their suitors based on who they like, and who is the best candidate. What has happened as a result of feminism is that this process has become misconstrued. Women go pleading their cases to men, and as a result men perceive these women as desperate; and hence do not want to pursue a relationship with them.

The best way to be attractive to a man is to be care-free, to be confident in your own skin in which having a man by your side is unimportant. A man wants to know that he is with a woman who can take care of herself in order for him to want to take care of them.

Emotional Unavailability

It is extremely important to recognise that a man has to be ready to commit in order to be capable of a relationship. The woman becomes irrelevant at this point because if he is not ready, then there is nothing that can be done. This doesn't make the woman less valuable. If anything, it gives women the opportunity to be with themselves and discover what they want.

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