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I met a Conman on the Internet (Part 3) True Story

by Seafarrwide (follow)
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Rose was in shock, the Police had been at Steven's rental house to seize his possessions? What on earth is going on with this guy thought Rose with a frown. Steven had told Rose several stories over the last three weeks about what a horrible ex-wife he had and how she was making sure his life was a living hell. He had mentioned that his ex had all the tools to make his life miserable because she was a Litigation Lawyer.

Steven came rushing over 'Sorry Rose, I have had so much trouble today. My ex is giving me hell because I owe her some money. Well, she thinks I owe her, which I don't it's to do with my family trust. She had organised a court order to seize my possessions. I managed to talk to the Police that arrived earlier and convince them they have it all wrong'.

'Really but why would she do that? I thought you divorced her a year ago?' Rose remarked with a slight frown. She was remembering what Kaz had said how the police had told him that Simon hadn't paid the rent in 3 weeks.

'It's just what she does, she just wants to make my life hell. Come on let's go get a coffee and a sandwich up the road. I'm sure the boys are hungry too' Steven pleaded.

Rose really wanted to believe him. She had been convinced after his visit to the clinic for her spinal injection, that he was a great guy. So off they went to have some lunch. Steven seemed very upset. He said that he was in a tight spot that his ex-wife had put a court order out and frozen his bank account, credit cards and now his mobile had also been disconnected. He was using a different phone and number to get around it and was trying to organise an early transfer of $100,000 from Switzerland for his new job as the Swiss bank representative. He also had started a property group and had to pay the wages of four staff. He went on to say that he desperately needed to borrow $20,000. Would she possibly know anyone or could she loan him the money.

'How could you not have any access to money Steven? you have all these businesses and 4 children to support! I'm sorry but this all sounds so bizarre and I definitely can't help! I don't have $20,000 just handy in the bank' said Rose with anger. Rose would never in all her life lend money to anyone, let alone a man she met on the internet three weeks prior!

'Of course, how stupid I am asking you, I'm not thinking straight, please forgive me' Steven replied. They finished their coffee. Steven said to the cafe owner to put the bill on his account. As Rose walked out, she caught dark looks exchanged between the staff. Again she felt a rising apprehension. Who puts their coffee or lunch on an account at a cafe. Very odd she thought.

More odd things happened over the next month. Steven was very busy, he often looked stressed. He went through three rental cars saying he had ordered a new Range Rover but was waiting on the colour he wanted. He had his full brood of four kids every second week living with him. In the space of three months, he had moved to three rental properties. His excuse being that he was looking for the ideal place and they were only temporary rentals or through friends.

Rose became more and more suspicious and told her father. He also had to agree it seemed very odd, but having had plenty of issues with his own ex wives, he said if it isn't affecting you, just continue and see what happens.

Then one weekend Steven took Rose away to the mountains for a stay in a luxury hotel. During that weekend, Steven showered her with gifts and everything went onto his credit card. Then on their way home he said he had checked his bank account. It appeared someone had scammed some purchases on his itunes account. He said he must stop the car and call the bank to cancel the card. This took quite a while. Rose couldn't help think it was odd and later she would realize what his scam was.

More strange things happened, then one day when Steven texted to ask her out, Rose was also replying to a girlfriend who asked her if she was free to go out. Rose answered in text that she was going out with the conman that night. By mistake, the text went to Steven instead of her friend! He immediately phoned with outrage that she was calling him a conman. Finally, Rose had enough and blurted out 'Well you are a conman, all these bizarre things have happened since I met you, it's too much' No one I know rents three cars, runs out of money, professes to have four businesses going, moves into three rental properties all in the space of three months! It's over, I don't wish to see you ever again!'

Eventually, Steven stopped texting. Then around a month later, Rose found a section on her facebook that had hidden messages from people that weren't on her friend list. On opening them she found one from a woman begging her to phone her about Steven the con man!

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Latest update - He was caught and convicted. He now has a criminal record.
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