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I met a Conman on the Internet (Part 4) True Story

by Seafarrwide (follow)
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Steven finally stopped with his texts and his epic emails. Rose knew he just couldn't keep up with the front and lies any longer. About a month later, she noticed a hidden email section on her facebook account. A friend had mentioned there was an 'Other' section where emails went from people who weren't on your friends list. There were around 60 emails, some were genuine, some were maybe spam but one was a Louise asking for Rose to call her about Steven * that he was a conman and owed her money!

Rose immediately called the woman and it appeared Steven had met her on the internet before meeting Rose. Louise had even moved him into the rental house where he lived when Rose had first met him. She had also heard the sob story about needing money to pay wages etc and stupidly had gave him a loan of $50,000! 'Oh my god that's terrible! I didn't give him any money but he did ask me for a loan'. Rose feel so sick knowing she had let this man near her family. 'Louise, I would rather forget the whole experience and move on. I wish I could help you but I don't even know where he lives now. He was moving yet again the week I broke it off'.

Louise filled her in with more details. This man it turned out had lived in 5 different casual rent places, drove 5 different rental cars and god knows how many fake credit cards he had used all in the last 5 months! Louise said he had been doing his scamming even longer. She had hired a Barrister and investigator. She was even talking to a TV program about doing an interview. Rose wished her all the best and shuddered knowing that she had brought this conman near her family and friends. Thankfully she hadn't felt enough pity to loan the creep any money.

A few months went by then one day at Rose's work the phone rang. 'Hello is your name Rose Turner?' 'Yes it is, why do you ask?' replied Rose.

'My name is Anna and I need to talk to you about the conman Steven. I found your name in a tag on a facebook photo'.

Rose felt her stomach turn again in shock that yet another woman was contacting her about that lowlife. 'Oh my god not another one, I really can't help you much but say yes he is an absolute conman he didn't get anything off me but my time. I would rather not relive it all again. You must call this other woman that he owes money too. She is trying to track him down and has even hired an investigator'.

The woman thanked Rose and hung up. Rose sent a message to Louise and told her what had happened and to expect a call from Anna. Rose felt sick to the stomach but so relieved she had dumped him. Without a doubt, Steven had only been after her because her father was wealthy and he thought he was onto a big gold mine.

Around three months later, Louise phoned again. This time, she had finally tracked him down by contacting Steven's ex-wife who was an actual litigation lawyer who hated her ex-husband and for good reason. Apparently, he had never been a senior corporate lawyer or an investment banker or owned any property groups or been a swiss bank representative. He had been a financial planner once upon a time many years before. When they were married, shortly after, he lost his job and stayed home to mind the kids. Eventually, she left him as he became unbearable to live with and obviously up to learning the art of scamming in his spare time. Louise knew about the children too and told the woman that she had better find a way to get the money her ex-husband owed Louise or a Television program was going to air. The program would also mention the children. As much as Louise felt low having to include the kids, she had to get her money. This tactic worked. She got every cent back, it had taken her a year of tenacious effort.

Then when Rose thought it was all over, Louise phoned again. Steven had been up to his old tricks, this time, he had scammed some poor family in WA of their farm. He had put their last 500K supposedly into an investment and lost it all. Now the fraud police were looking for him.

Rose felt sick but also so incredibly relieved that she had gotten that creep out of her life. It would be a long time if ever, that she would use the internet to find a date. It was safer to just stay at home with her dogs!

Please note this is a true story and the names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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