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Is a Long-Distance Relationship Worth It

by kasey (follow)
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With our growing commitments and trying to find our path in life, we end up in situations where we begin to question ourselves. Promising to spend our life with someone, and staying by their side regardless of every obstacle is easier said than done. It is at such times that life decides to test whether we can live up to those words.
Life is limited, and in the process of trying to fulfill all our dreams we sometimes must decide what we want more. Long-distance relationships are growing increasingly common as individuals look towards opportunities elsewhere, and at such a point they are faced with the dilemma of whether they can distance themselves from their loved ones.

Putting in the Effort

One important factor you need to keep in mind is that every relationship consists of two individuals, and it is those two individuals that must put in the time and effort to make it work. A healthy relationship is when both partners understand that they have made a promise that they need to keep.
Effort doesn’t mean that you go out and buy expensive gifts for your partner or that you plan to meet them after every few weeks.
It is the small things that count! Many might consider them as being insignificant, however it is these simple gestures of love that will bring you closer.
Telling your partner how much you appreciate their presence in your life and sending flowers or a handmade card is a wonderful way of expressing love.
Technology at this point becomes your best friend-from sending each other pictures and constantly updating one another on text, you will realize how important these technological advancements are.
They allow you to feel a lot closer, and more involved in your partner’s life.
Schedule dates on video call, and plan your day’s work keeping them in mind. Realize that both of you need to take out time, and at the end of the day the relationship is in your hands, it really is a make or break situation.

Communication is Key!

Lovers shaking hands

Apart from updating each other regarding how you are spending your time, a mutual understanding needs to be established. You will soon experience misunderstandings and even find yourself getting into arguments over the most irrelevant matters. These are inevitable when you are unable to meet each other and discuss your emotions openly.
When faced with such complications the way to tackle them is to clear the confusion immediately. If you are into the habit of ignoring matters this might cause problems in the future.
When certain issues continue to pile up you feel the weight of those misunderstandings bringing you down. Whether it takes you 10 minutes on call or 2 hours, sort out the matter and come to an understanding and don’t delay it.

Wait for Your Time

In the end, it is your patience that will keep the relationship going. This time apart will help you realize what you mean to one another and whether your bond is as strong as you thought it was.
Making it past this obstacle is a sign that you against all odds. Take this as an opportunity for your relationship to build and grow stronger.
Once you make it past this time, you will have confidence in your relationship, and learn to trust and cooperate. Have the strength to stay by each other’s side
Have faith that one day you both will be together, and at that point you’ll know the time you spent away from each other helped you discover yourself and understand your partner better. That is when you’ll know that the distance in turn brought you closer. So, if you find someone who you think is worth the wait, then don’t let factors like distance hold you back!

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