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Love Checklisting

by Steph (follow)
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RSVP desirable male

Dating website RSVP has recently released their own interpretation of what the Australian dater is looking for in a partner.

It certainly makes for interesting reading.

Apparently the most desirable male mate is a swing voter with grey hair and green eyes. He’s a stately 6 feet, 2 inches tall - and he works in real estate. He enjoys the occasional social drink, but doesn’t partake in smoking.

On the other side of the coin, the ideal lady-lover doesn’t hold any strong political beliefs and works in the media. She’s 170cm tall, has blonde hair and green eyes. She’s a non-smoker, but isn’t averse to having the odd alcoholic beverage.

Cue a collective sigh of agitation over the hideously clichéd nature of this grab-bag of hackneyed statistics. However, let’s put our disgust at the stereotypes aside and move forward.

To some extent, we’ve all got a checklist of what we’d like in a mate. Some of us probably even write-off potential lovers when they don’t meet our scheduled criteria. This is dumb.

Sure, you’ll argue, some standards are important. You’ll probably even bang-on about how much you value ‘insert moralistic value here’ - and that it’s vital for your potential partner to feel the same way. I’ll grant you that. That stuff is important. Granted though, it’s the only stuff that is important.

In high school, my love checklist included some downright daft criterion. Likes punk rock. Has broody eyes and dimples. Is six foot something etc etc. The list was a mile long and full of absurdities. I lusted after so many fine individuals that ticked off every element in the catalogue.

With the blessing of time and the wonderful (stalker-friendly) capabilities of social media, I now have the pleasure of ‘researching’ what these fellows are like today.

Have a guess at what the people I once ogled and put up on a pedestal are like nowadays. That’s right - they’re douche bags. I think they’re rubbish people. To be fair, I still find tall dudes that like punk rock, have broody eyes and adorable dimples very attractive; but could I tolerate a life with them?

Probably not.

I don’t know what the most important thing that we should glean from this data is. It’s either that: your checklist shouldn’t be stagnant, or you should be open to loving someone from left field. Indeed, take what you will from my experience and RSVP’s research. Neither outlet is an expert. Let’s just try not to date horrible clichés…

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