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Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else

by SJP (follow)
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I used to be a girl with low self-esteem. Compared to my friends I felt fat and unattractive. I was always negative. However, when I changed my mind set, I changed the way others looked at me.

I changed my way of thinking by changing my lifestyle. I started going to the gym, and I did things that made me feel great. These simple life changes made me feel confident, and as a result things started to turn around. I started to get more attention. I met new people, and as a result I found my soul mate.

With my own experiences and those of others, I have found that loving yourself is important before loving someone else. In the law of attraction, we attract what we put out, therefore, when you love yourself you will attract loving people into your life.

Love Yourself.

In one way or another, many of us put our selves down, but in order to love ourselves we need to avoid negativity and to start thinking positively. Be aware of how you feel, and change those feelings with happiness and openness. Start your day with a positive mantra, as this will initiate positivity and remind yourself of your worthiness. Some great mantras you could try include:

I look and feel great
I am a wonderful and unique person
I am a positive person
Fear has no place in my life

Along with a positive outlook, stop self-doubt and insecurity by appreciating what you have. Appreciate your talents and beauty by doing things that you are good at, as this will promote happiness and self confidence.

Once you take these steps you will find you will automatically feel good about yourself, and the wars with negativity will slowly diminish.

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I totally agree that you should love yourself which will automatically attract the right kind of people into your life but what I have a problem with in your article is that you are saying 'I have found that loving yourself is important before loving someone else'. In my opinion, it is not possible to love someone without loving yourself. I always try to explain it like that: how can you give someone a thousand dollars without having it? How could you possibly give love without 'having' love?
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