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Loving a Narcissist - (Part two)

by Seafarrwide (follow)
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He also would have his phone on silent and in his pocket. I became suspicious. I did the most horrible thing I decided to check his phone one night when he went to sleep. My heart was thumping. I was so nervous and felt so sick doing it but I just had to know. I opened his messages and I saw several with menís names but on reading them I realized it was from girls and he had changed their names to menís names just in case I was ever to see a message come up on his phone. I was shaking while I looked at the sent messages and there was the same message he sent to me each morning going out to a group of women (with menís names) at least 6 I counted! I even found sexy photos of women saved in a random folder with no title. Oh my god! You can imagine how sick I felt. I didnít know what to do. We had been together 6 months and this man had met my family and I his.

The very next day we were doing a big family dinner. I wondered if he was still secretly on the dating sites so next morning I went online and made a fake profile of a younger woman with a couple of photos from a talent site that looked like the type he liked. I knew he would be hidden and this was the only way to bait and catch him. I put it live and within 15 minutes a few men were chatting with the fake profile. One had a hidden photo but the profile sounded so much like my boyfriend. I chatted for a while and asked him to email me his photos. He said he would and sure enough whammo it was my boyfriend! It was so quick. I was in shock. I didnít let on or reply to the email. I had fallen in love with this lying cheat. I called my father that day and balled my eyes out on the phone. He was shocked as well and let me have a good cry. I didnít t know what to do or how to break it off as I had the dinner to attend that evening and I didnít want to let his mum down. She was such a lovely lady and had become a good friend.

I gathered as much courage as I could to put on a fake happy face and attended the dinner. I got through with a smile while simmering inside. He raved in the car how much his family loved me and how much he loved me all the way home. We pulled up outside my house. I turned to my boyfriend and said well thanks Seafarer (this was his nickname on the dating site) Iím Chloe you lying cheating scumbag! The shock on his face as I told him what a low life he was and to F%*K off was priceless. He even started crying begging me to forgive him that he loved me and didn't know why he did it. I got out slammed the car door and went in and cried for a couple of hours.

For several weeks he tried everything. I took off overseas to Bali and he called every day begging for forgiveness. I refused him. Then his last resort was to visit my father with a long love letter and somehow he convinced my father to tell me to give him another try. Now this coming from my father meant a lot to me so I took notice. He had made him believe he truly loved me and was just insecure because I was so beautiful and confident etc etc. That he only chatted to these women and it was just an ego thing. That he would never do it again, he only wanted me. So stupid me forgave him and tried again. It was wonderful for around 3 weeks but the seeds of mistrust were well planted....

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