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One of Those Dreams

by myninja (follow)
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My heart was filled with an overdose of anxiety as my friend went to the restroom, leaving me and her guy friend drowning in a very awkward atmosphere. My eyes focused on the table in front of me, avoiding every possible angle that might give the guy in front of me room to start a conversation. The glass of water was tempting, but I was very afraid to make a fool of myself if ever I wouldn’t drink in the most appropriate way possible. The pen and paper in my bag was also shouting at me to let them out. I guess the darkness of my bag scares them like how I feel the guy’s stares attack me in the most subtle way I can conceive.
I looked at my watch. Barely two minutes since my friend went to the restroom. What is taking her so long?

“So… how long have you known ____?”

Hearing his voice startled me, and I guess my reaction was very obvious that I what I heard next was his laugh.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t think my question was made for Halloween.”

Great. Now I made a total fool out of myself without deliberately doing or saying anything. What a total mess. I decided to focus on the floor for a change.

He stopped laughing, “Hey… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

What a way to meet a stranger girl. You got him to apologize for your mistake. You deserve the Ultimate Pity Award. With my guilt rushing in, I gathered my courage to look at him and tell him that he his question was not offensive at all.

Okay, this is it. Don’t be shy and just tell him that it’s okay…. Three… two… one.


And the expression on his face was an expression you have recognized before. His eyes sent out a coded yet elaborate message of a type of regard you have never experienced. The words you planned to say jumbled in a pool of letters, swirling against that tugging feeling in your gut. The expression on his face…

Was enough to make you realize that he is different from the rest of the people you have met.

And you haven’t even spoken a word from your mental script.

“I’m really sorry… I didn’t really mean to…” he spoke again.

Then your mouth replied, without even knowing where your bravery came from.

“No problem. I was just buried up in my thoughts.”

Then another moment caught you off guard. His lips formed into one of the most – if not the most – beautiful smile you have seen.

Butterflies cause chaos in your stomach as you try to avoid being amazed by his smile. You try to look away, but you can’t because you wanted to see – no – you wanted to memorize every second of this encounter.

And he spoke again. And you reply. And in no time, you were sharing stories and laughter, even discussing a few things you have mentioned to a few people.

Then your friend comes back from the restroom.

And you wake up to your alarm clock.

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