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See The Signs

by Katie (follow)
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Road sign
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A few months ago I found out a guy I was friends with was a real douche bag, and I said see ya later. My friend said to me; I wish I was able to figure it out sooner like you do. I replied well, the signs are there, you just refused to see them. On this, here's a few signs the guy you like isn't worth sticking around for.

The first sign

He ignores you when he is with his friends. If you call or text him when he's with his friends and he can't get back to you, but he texts straight away when he's alone. Maybe he thinks his friends are more important.

The second sign

He ditches his plans he has with you because something else seems more important. For example, my friend was told by her boyfriend to come over later than planned, because he wanted to go to the pub and watch a football game with his friends at the time she was meant to visit. He wasn't asking either, he was telling.

The third sign

His needs are always more important than you. Like a guy who's on a bulking up diet and he has to eat a special meal, so he rather makes his own lunch and make you get lunch before you visit because he won't take you to lunch.

The fourth sign

His reasons make no sense. When something is going on and you ask him about it and his reasons don't make sense. When he stays at a girlfriends house as he had no cab money to get home, and he says he called you a few times to see if you can pay; except you have no missed calls.

The fifth sign

He's generally just a jerk.
He fights with you all the time.
You call him and he won't listen to what you say, even hanging up on you from time to time and not answering when you try to call back.

If your boyfriend/ friend fits into any of these categories, then maybe the relationship needs rethinking.

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