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She Questioned His Valentine

by leebe (follow)
Ashlee North - Published Author of five Contemporary Romance/ Life Journey Novels www.facebook.com/Ashlee.North.Author ashleenorth.com
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She questioned his card. She questioned his motive. She questioned if he meant what the card said. She questioned his heart.

The card said these words:

Have I told you lately that you're wonderful?
Because you are.
Have I shown you how happy you make me?
Because you do.
Have I mentioned how glad I am we're together?
Because I am.
You are so wonderful.
You do so much that makes me happy.
And I am so in love with you -
Truly, completely, always.

Did he mean these words? Did he just buy a card because he had to? - It was Valentines Day after all.

He answered her with an of course I mean those words. I chose the card especially for what it said. She wanted to leave it that - He didn't.

She wondered then, to herself, why she could no longer feel his love and why she felt he was just saying what he felt obligated to say and she wondered if something was broken inside her that she had to question him at all.

Lately he had been cool; distant and cool. Strange; quiet and strange. She wondered if it was the pressure he was under at work. She wondered if he had lost interest in her. She wondered why she didn't trust him and she knew that when he was distant it fanned her fears into a bonfire.

It all came out in a flurry of words and then she was sorry she'd asked. They fought. The walls began to come down, but it hurt to be fighting on this important night.

broken wall

On Valentines Day evening, instead of love and joy they shared tense angry words but she felt she had to know.

Do you mean what it says in the card?

Yes I do, he said. I love you and I always will. He listened to her worries and he agreed she was right. He had been acting distant and unreachable.

He was sorry he hadn't been demonstrating how he felt. He was sorry for the harsh words he had said lately and in the end he was glad she had told him how she felt, for he was a good man. He didn't want to hurt her - he just didn't know how much he was drifting away. He knew he had done it before, many times, but no-matter what he didn't want to lose her.

The fight was over. She had not been cruel and neither had he - and they were both sad it had come to this. He had promised to be more present and loving. They moved on.

Days passed by and the argument wasn't mentioned again. He tried to show her his love, she hopes it is for real - Somewhere deep inside they had reconnected and the bubbling fears, the insecurities and the becoming complacent went away again - for a time - maybe forever.

broken wall

Valentines Evening was not so wonderful this year, but the hurts and fears were bought into the open and the conversation made things better - It alerted them to the stagnant waters which were once a waterfall of love. The waterfall was beginning to flow again.

It was worth it. Painful, but worth it.

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