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The Online Date - Part 3

by Seafarrwide (follow)
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Part 3 of The Online Date

See Part2

The Apartment

We arrived at his studio apartment, he puts on a few candles and turns his music on and pops the Bollinger.. I just adore Bollinger and who wouldn’t. This guy sure has got the moves, he was handsome, witty, intelligent, cool and knew how to make a woman laugh. The usual internet dates balk at even buying you a damn coffee, let alone Cocktails all night, dinner and now Bollinger. He wasn’t loaded with cash either in fact at the time he was struggling using his savings to create a Surfing global board sports fashion website.

How refreshing he was compared to the men that either were still caught up thinking about how the ex-wife burned them or now lived with their parents because they paid so much child support . Or the ones that had just lost the desire or capability to forge a new path and were dwelling in a pool of self-pity and depression. Not mocking depression as I have been there myself. Internet dating can actually send you further down into that bottomless black pit if you take it too seriously. But for now I was just enjoying a fun date out. Wasn’t that what dating should be, FUN?


Well we sure were having fun. The next thing I know my date strips off down to his boxers and is doing his best Risky business impersonation.

I'm like well if he can do I will too!! But of course my bravado was fuelled by the last 6 hours of festive drinking!! Also how can a woman not feel confident with candlelight hiding any flaws she perceives herself to have. So I strip off down to my underwear, feeling very sexy and we did a bit of a dance off to the disco beats and with lots of smooching and groping. It was so much fun.


But instead of falling into bed we both fell on the couch too inebriated to act out any passionate impulses. He fell on his bed and instantly started snoring quietly and I knew I was too tipsy to drive so I crashed on the couch.

Next morning

As soon as first daylight streamed through the blinds I bolted upright, quietly dressed tiptoed out through the front door and bolted to my car! I wasn't going to dare spoil the illusion he had of me as a gorgeous fun woman who could dance like Beyonce with the harsh vision of a hangover face and panda bear eyes! As soon as I arrived home he sent a text saying 'Where is my tiny dancer, come back?' I replied 'About to sleep but thanks for my non-date' 'Well just remember let me know if you want to do go on a non-date again with someone who isn't your ideal date. I will make sure I have some Bollinger and Elton John playing!'he replied.

So there you go a fun night out and it wasn't my ideal match but who knows maybe I will dance in my underwear again sometime soon!

Lessons learned

1. Keep an open mind.

2. You might just find the love of your life.

3. Or they might not tick all your boxes as the ideal future mate but you still might have a fun night.

4. Age shouldn't be a barrier if you get on and are attracted go with it. Let time be your guide.

5. If nothing else you might make a new friend.

7. Some internet dates that became friends only I have introduced to girlfriends and two got married! so you might even become a match maker.

4. Use your intuition - I don't recommend going home with an internet date straight up on the first night unless you feel safe and know a lot about them. If you have retrieved enough background information during the date then maybe you should text a friend the address where you are going, the guys name and phone number just for safety reasons.

6. Have fun that is what dating is all about!


Give it a go! It beats staying at home in your slippers!

See Part1 of The Online Date.

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