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Twelve Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Frogs and hearts
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Each couple has their own feelings about Valentine's Day. Perhaps it is very important to you and your partner to go out for an expensive meal and/or exchange presents that have a high price tag. You may have decided, even though cash is short, you would save money elsewhere to splurge on this day. On the other hand you may have both decided you would like to celebrate the occasion in a frugal manner.

If you and your partner are both on a tight budget you can make a game of finding ways to make February 14th a memorable occasion with little financial outlay. Celebrating with little cash can stimulate your creativity and involve more thought than booking a table at the best restaurant in town. It also encourages a couple to think about what the other person really likes to do and what their interests are.

So what does your partner enjoy doing? There is no point in organising a picnic if they just hate the outdoors. Some couples may enjoy a walk along the beach but watching the sun set over the ocean isn't for everyone. Making a special home cooked meal can be a lovely gesture but some people are hard to please food wise so again, it's not suitable for every couple.

Depending on your situation, your partner and what your skills are and what you enjoy you could choose one or more of the following to have frugal fun on Valentine's Day -
Pack a picnic and enjoy it somewhere nice or in a place which has special significance. You could have a picnic breakfast if you are both 'morning people'
Have a picnic on the lounge room floor after the kids have gone to bed.
Cook a special meal
Make heart shaped biscuits, pancakes or cake.
Cut out lots of hearts, write a special message on each one and hide them around the house or garden. You can choose whether you write a compliment on each heart, a thank you for...., or a little bit of rhyme.
A handmade present. One of the most memorable romantic presents I ever received was a little birdhouse made out of scraps of timber.
A favourite food. One year my then-husband managed to sneak down to the beach in the middle of the night and caught a bucket of crabs because I really loved them. I really appreciated the effort he put into this and boy did those crabs taste great.
Write a poem. This doesn't need to be a literary masterpiece. In fact if you purposely make it really cheesy you could have a good laugh together. It depends on your partner's personality and sense of humour. Perhaps you could write it on something different such as a cut out of a car or something of significance to your partner.
If you plan ahead you could plant some seeds and present the pot of flowers, herbs or whatever with a card stating that your love grows stronger every day or some other wording.
Go to an art gallery or museum
Go to a park, perhaps one you haven't visited before
Visit somewhere in your local area you have talked about going to but never managed to get around to

There are plenty of things a couple can do which don't involve much money. An inexpensive but thoughtful activity or outing or gift can actually be more memorable than something expensive.

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This article was awesome! I am all about being frugal and am a hopeless romantic. Would you also write an article on how and where to find a man?

Thank you!
Thank you for your feedback, so glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you also for the suggestion for another article! I'll give it my best shot.
I've written the article you requested. Hope you like it.
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