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Under the Knife: Why Women Choose to Get Cosmetic Surgery

by bob.g (follow)
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The number of cosmetic procedures conducted in the US has more than doubled since the dawn of the 21st century. One of the biggest changes in cosmetic procedures in recent years is how diverse the procedures performed are becoming. Buttock lifts are up 252 percent since 2000. Upper arm lifts are up nearly 5,000 percent over that same timeframe. Here is a look at what compels women to go under the knife for cosmetic enhancements.

Breasts Lead the Way

Of course, breast augmentation is still the most popular procedure for women. Breast augmentation procedures are up 31 percent since 2000. They did dip down 2 percent in 2015, the year with the most recent statistics available. Getting the breasts done is a popular choice for women for a variety of reasons. It is a safe surgery. Gravity and nature can both be harsh to breasts. Repairing the damage after a mastectomy is very popular. With a simple procedure, women can have the breasts of their dreams. No wonder 279,143 breast augmentation procedures were performed in the US in 2015.

Perfecting the Female Form

There has never been more pressure on women to look beautiful at all times. People are snapping pictures left and right, and women feel tremendous pressure to look as gorgeous as the models and Hollywood stars they see in print and onscreen. One of the results of this is the rise of nontraditional surgeries for women.

For example, one of the more interesting procedures to shoot up in popularity in recent years is labial surgery. In a testament to the effect the porn industry has on the popular mindset, women feel pressure to have beautiful labia. Another huge uptick has been seen in butt implants. The booty has become the new boobs. Women want to have firm butts that defy gravity, and the only way to defy gravity as time goes by is with some surgical help.

To Make a Partner Happy

In many cases, women decide to go under the knife because they want to look good for their partners. Many men actively encourage their partners to undergo cosmetic surgery. In fact, many men are ready and willing to pay for their partnersí cosmetic surgery procedures. When there are so many options available for women today, any women with access to a rich suitor can make herself look incredible with the right cosmetic procedures.

To Make the Inner Self Smile

Even though some women get cosmetic surgery to make their partners happy, the vast majority of women get work done to make themselves happy. After all, the true happiness comes from within. If you look at the mirror and donít like what you see, you wonít be happy inside either. Women often go under the knife so that they feel good about their outer selves so that they will be happy with their inner selves as well.

The Patient Nose Best

Nose jobs have actually dropped since 2000, but they are still a very popular procedure. More than 200,000 nose jobs were performed in the country in 2015. According to some professionals, women get nose jobs for cosmetic reasons as well as for breathing problems. A nose job can make the rest of the face appear more attractive by creating balance.

If you are not happy with the way you look, there is no need to accept it. With all the wonderful plastic surgery procedures available today, it is easier than ever to ensure that you look as beautiful as you deserve to. You never have to settle for natureís results. Going under the knife lets women look radiant.

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