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We Just Keep Picking The Losers

by Katie (follow)
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Loser wanted apply within
Sometimes we feel like we are wearing this sign when we are out. Image created by me.

Ever met a guy or guys and and thought you were the only one with bad luck? The only one to pick all the losers? Well you're not. To make it easier to believe, I'm going to share some stories from girlfriends about when they knew their guy was a loser.

First there was 'Cindy.' Friends with 'Jack' for a few months. Every time she turned him down to meet up he got annoyed. He lived far away, and every time she suggested he drive to her he wouldn't. She at least had an excuse, and he never had one. All they did was fight through text messages. She said it was a two-way street and he wasn't being very fair, and therefore she (Cindy) ended the friendship.

Then there was 'Alison' who was friends with 'Mitch' - hoping their friendship would become a relationship. After one date he said he didn't want a girlfriend. She said he lived too far away (also another semi long distance friendship) to which he defended it saying it wasn't. She was confused as he didn't want a girlfriend. They made plans to catch up another time, and she managed to score free tickets to a football game.

He couldn't decide if he wanted to go to it, and so she took someone else. He got annoyed pretending he had this special date planned, but he wanted it to be a surprise. He said it was going to be a walk along the beach and going for a nice lunch. He said he didn't want to be in public with her at the football as she might think he wanted a relationship which he didn't. So she asked why then he had such a nice day planned out. His response was "well I did want a girlfriend, but you said you didn't want a relationship. So I had no choice but to agree."

This was crazy as he said no first. She told him not to call her until he got his act together and made up his mind.

The third was 'Tara' meeting up with a guy for a date. Let's call him 'Sam.' She was meeting Sam at his place to go to lunch, and on the way driving to his place he texted and said "f*** it I'm going back to work." He wasn't getting her messages and thought she was ignoring him. The messages finally came though, and he replied and said eat on the way. She got there having not been able to text while driving. He was making his lunch and asked what she was going to for do as he was on a diet, and so he preferred to eat at home. He didn't even offer her any lunch. Sam also wanted to have some fun after lunch. He gave her a tour of his place, and it ended in his room where he tried to make a move. She said no and she left. She later texted and said he wasn't getting any from her as his diet food was more important that taking her to lunch, and even if that wasn't his intention; that's how it came across and they never spoke again.

Finally there was 'Beth' who met up with 'Will' on a night out with a friend. He had met her once before and said he wanted a relationship. They met for a drink, and her friend was flirting with him. Or so she thought. Seeing as she really liked him she asked him if he thought so. He said yes and wanted her number to text and tell her it wasn't on. She said no it's fine I'll talk to her. He asked again later and she said no again. He asked what her name was and she had a strange feeling so as it was an odd name she spelt it wrong. Talking to Will a few days later he asked what her name was again as he said it was weird and he had forgotten it. This time she spelt it correctly, and by that night he had added her friend on FB. She was furious. She liked him and he liked her. He hadn't even added Beth yet. She spoke to her friend and she said she wasn't interested and she deleted him at Beth's request. Beth didn't speak to Will for months until he tried to contact her again. His excuse was that he didn't actually want a girlfriend, and he thought he did so he thought he could just have fun with her friend. She told him he was an idiot and he should have been honest. Needless to say Will didn't get to be with either women.

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