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Why Men Cheat

by Katie (follow)
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Sometimes I wonder why men cheat. There are answers to this, but there isn't one answer for every man who cheats.

They say men cheat because they feel unworthy. They feel their partner is better than them, and by cheating their partner will feel like she is not good enough, and she will try make herself up to the man in order to feel worthy.

This could be true, but I haven't spoken to anyone who's cheated and asked why they did it. So therefore I can't agree or disagree.

I do (however) know of a guy who wanted to cheat. I wasn't interested in him, not even if he was single. But I was curious to know why he wanted to cheat. His reasoning was although he loved his girlfriend and his child, with his girlfriend working late and the fact she didn't like sex in the daylight, he wasn't getting any.

Sometimes that may be the case for other men. They love their partners but aren't getting what they want, and instead of asking for it, they search for it elsewhere.

I've only ever once, unknowingly been the other woman. I met a guy when I was out clubbing; he was so shy, and therefore he was asking my friend to ask me things. We kissed a few times and I got his number. He was texting me, but after I asked what he was looking for, he admitted to having a girlfriend, but said he wanted to still have some fun with me. I said no. I wouldn't be the other woman. It sucked a little, but I just deleted his number as easily as I added it.

Looking back would I ever change my mind? No. I would never agree to be the other woman, no matter how much I like someone. It's not fair on the other woman, and who knows what she would be capable of if she found out.

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