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Why You Are Not Over Your Ex

by SJP (follow)
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Why You Are Not Over Your Ex, Relationships, Break Up, Love, Ex
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It is never easy to go through a break up as it changes the dynamics of your life. It is never an easy path getting through the heartache and may take you longer than expected to get over them. You can never really put a time on how long it will take to get over your ex, however, there are several reasons why it is taking you longer than expected.

Unexpected Break Up
When you least expect a break up, it can be extremely difficult to get over it. When you are not prepared and didnít foresee what was coming, it is natural to be upset. Donít be hard on yourself; take the time to process what has occurred but try your best not to dwell on it too long.

It Was Your Fault
If you had thought about your actions before the relationship ended, you may still be with your ex. Knowing that it was your fault can be difficult to comprehend and get over, as it all could have been avoided. It is important not to beat yourself over it as it will only make the transition harder.

Everyone Else Around You Is In A Relationship
When all your friends are in relationships, it is hard to get over what you had. Being the only single one when going out with your friends can be hard and make it difficult to move on. Try and hang out with your single friends more often to avoid that feeling of heartache and loneliness.

Other People Havenít Matched Up
You are trying your best to go out and meet other people, but none have matched up to your ex. This will not only slow down the process of getting over them, but it will make you feel that there is no one out there for you. Always be positive and keep going on dates and meet new people. There is someone out there for you; they just havenít come along yet.

Donít be in denial; breakups are a natural part of life that many people go through. Help yourself and you will get through. One day at a time is where to begin the road to recovery. It will not only help you get over your ex, but it will help you find Ďthe oneí for you.

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