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Workplace Romances

by nichola (follow)
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Are you ready for a workplace romance?

Workplace romances have a stigma that they are undesirable; that you should never go there because it leads to all kinds of complications. I have been in a workplace romance for two and a half years, and Iíd like to share with you my story and how it can work.

I was hired where my now boyfriend was working, and we hit it off from day one. As it turned out we went to the same university as well. I was a bit awkward and naÔve at the time, and it was nice to meet someone who was well, actually nice and someone who cared about me. Long story short we went on a few dates and now we live together as well as work together. It hasnít been all peachy. I must say, there have been several annoyances, however they can all be overcome if you have the right attitude. Here are a few pointers if you are thinking about taking the leap in to a workplace relationship.

The biggest problem for me was people talking. I like my personal life to be just that - personal, so to go to work and have people ask me something that I thought was private or would rather not be discussed was frustrating. If you are going to embark on an office romance, remember that your love life is on display for others to see, and to keep it professional. This means keep the big smooches to a minimum so that your colleagues have less to talk about and you remain focused on work as well.

Another tip I would offer is to treat each other in the workplace as you would any other colleague. If you are asking their professional opinion or need them to do something, donít let your relationship play in to it. If you start telling them how to do their job or vice versa, it will cause definite tension, of which leads to my next point.

If you are having problems in your relationship, remember that there will be little time out from your partner. Thatís why itís better to deal with the problem as soon as possible because you canít escape it. Your relationship problems may make others in the office uncomfortable as well, and they may feel as though they have to take sides in the argument.

Negatives aside, working together can be fun. You can have lunch together, talk about work issues and therefore have more in common; as well as be there for each other if youíre having a bad day. Carpool and get to know some great people you work with really well as a couple. Although I know we wonít work together forever and I am excited for the future, I know Iíll miss it when the day comes.

Lessons learned:

ē Your relationship will be on show, so be ready to be talked about, good and bad.

ē Treat each other like professionals; otherwise it could lead to problems.

ē Deal with your relationship issues straight away, because you canít ignore it.

ē Working together can add more substance to your relationship.

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cheers Mina (:
Wow! Enjoyed your article, Nichola - thank you :)
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