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Your Best Relationship is with Yourself

by Katie (follow)
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Girl looking confident
Ready to go out, she's feeling confident.

They say you need to love yourself before anyone else will love you. And it's true. You need someone in your corner saying you're awesome and you deserve to be loved and that person is you! Sure other people will tell you that you a good looking or you are smart and funny and any guy/girl would want you, but you never believe it until you tell yourself.

So how do you start? If you look in the mirror everyday you will see yourself and you might say I'm ugly, or I don't like the way I look. But if you look deep you will see the you that other see. Everyday look in and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. If you can't think of something keep looking until you do!

Tell yourself you are amazing. Wake up everyday and say out loud I am amazing and today is going to be awesome! This should be your motto everyday and when someone tries to bring you down repeat it and remember it. When I come to work sometimes I have had a bad day and I let it get to me, then when I come to work happy and feeling fantastic people think something like winning lotto has happened. But I don't let it bother me anymore when people think I'm too happy, you can never be too happy.

People will always have something to say so be you always. If you speak the truth you are mean, if you say nothing you are being rude. If you are skinny you must be bulimic, if you are overweight you must be nasty looking. If you are dressed up you are conceited, but if you dress comfortably you are a slob. So you can't win being you, and you can't win trying to be someone you think other want you to be. So be you and be happy with being you.

And finally speak good about yourself, always. When you go on a date , let's say your a girl meeting a guy for the first time. If you act and talk like you are a loser, they will believe you. They will think she knows herself better than anyone else so it must be true. And they will run for the hills. I've been on a date where a guy left and texted me only fifteen minutes later telling me I wasn't his type. You don't want that. You want them to leave thinking you are something else. In a good way. If you think your outfit looks crap and you go on this date you will be thinking I don't look good, he's not going to like me and you feel a bit sad in a way and it shows. But if you look in the mirror and say something like yep this is what in wearing, it looks awesome. I'm going to rock this date. You will turn up feeling confident a big smile on your face and that will be the best first impression you can have.

If you look at the phrase believe in yourself, it contains two very important words at the begging "be you"

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