5 Reasons You Should Unfollow Your Ex on Social Media

5 Reasons You Should Unfollow Your Ex on Social Media

Posted 2017-02-16 by audrefollow

Relationships are hard, aren't they? Breakups can be even harder.

In the past, if you went through a breakup, you would only run into them in person on off occasions.

Now, if you go through a breakup, you have a digital footprint of your relationship. You have selfies together, posts to each other, and possibly even years of documentation.

Plus, every time you open your phone, you might see your ex front and center with a status update.

This is something we're all learning to deal with, and since this is all new due to the internet, we're all still writing our own rules on how to deal with it.

Did you know that 88% of Facebook users keep tabs on an ex after a break up?

After dealing with a few breakups and having to navigate through this interesting new world, I thought I'd share my experiences so other people can decide what works best for them.

Here are five reasons you should hit that "unfollow" button on your ex's social media profiles.

1. It's stopping your personal progress.

Dealing with a breakup is hard enough, but if you're sad every time you go on social media because you see your ex out living life and being happy without you, that's not good for your mental health. Unfollow!

2. It's preventing you from dating.

In order to move forward, you can't keep looking backward. If checking your ex's social media every day has become a habit, that's going to interfere with your ability to start dating someone new. Unfollow!

3. If you want to get back together with your ex.

There are some chances where you might get back together with your ex, but if you really want it to work, you need to follow what dating experts call the No Contact rule .

Basically, that means stop reaching out to your ex through social media! Stop liking their pictures, creeping through their tagged photos, or anything else. Just start living your life and start working toward improving yourself. If you want to possibly make it work down the line, you need to give them space to miss you.

4. You're overanalyzing everything they do.

"OMG, he liked that girls picture! Are they together? Are they hooking up? Who is with him in these photos? We never went out this much..."

This ties in with point #1. If you're seeing what your ex is doing online and then overanalyzing every single move they make, it's time to claw yourself away.

5. The breakup was nasty.

Not all breakups are considered equal. If yours ended on extremely negative terms, you need to get away from your ex as soon as possible.

Of course, it's not easy to just "unfollow", especially if you've built a habit of checking up on your ex daily. Most of us have been there. Be real with yourself and have a serious heart-to-heart about what you're doing and if it's making you happy.

If it's time to cut the cord, do it today.


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