A Lovers Tiff

A Lovers Tiff

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A lovers tiff is not the end of the world. It is a 'getting to know you' thing. Things cannot be rosy all the time. That's for anybody you live with - you will disagree with them sometimes. Because there are two minds, with two different ways of thinking and two kinds of expectations.

Think about when you were growing up. Normally it is with the people you love and who love you the best. You share the same space – you are going to have differences of opinion. Remember how annoyed you got sometimes with these people?

With your partner it may feel worse because you each did not have the benefit of growing up together at such close quarters and exposure to the same of kinds of influences.

When you quarrel

A tiff is just a 'sorting' time. When you quarrel it means the issue is big enough to bother about to one or both of you.

When you have a quarrel it will determine how much you or your partner will take.

When you have a quarrel you will decide one of four things:

1. You are right
2. The other person is right
3. You will agree to disagree
4. You will compromise

Don't let things fester

When you have a quarrel, have thought about it for a bit, you will decide whether to leave or stay in the relationship. It helps sort your priorities on the issue and results in ground rules. It clears the air.

Holding on to resentment gives that resentment life and subsequent quarrels can grow on the previous ones, until you end up arguing over little things that don't even matter. It's just not worth it.

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