Alone Together for a Romantic Christmas Eve

Alone Together for a Romantic Christmas Eve

Posted 2013-12-17 by Mina Keenanfollow

Lots of people are busy at this time of year - its a very social time - but if you and your darling are looking to be alone together here are some ideas for your 'together' time.

  • Main lights off, string lights on, watch Christmas movies together with a bottle of wine.

  • Candles and mutual foot rub.

  • Say goodbye early at the office party - go home with the significant other and tuck into strawberries and chocolate.

  • Park the car around the corner, draw the curtains to make it appear you are not at home.

  • Slow dance to your favourite Christmas ballads or love songs in your pyjamas.

  • Have a midnight mini-banquet, open your presents after the snack, go to bed and in the morning sleep in.

  • Turn off the computers and the phones and have a wonderful Christmas date with your guy or gal!

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