Are You The Crazy Cat Lady

Are You The Crazy Cat Lady

Posted 2014-04-10 by Katiefollow
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Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be the crazy cat lady, and I'm ok with that. If you feel the same, you should be too.

Why? Because it's ok to be alone. At least for now. I've always loved cats and love having them around, and that's partly why I would be a crazy cat lady; but these days the term is used more to describe a lonely woman who would supposedly buy lots of cats to compensate for her loneliness.

It may be funny to joke about, but there are women who worry about spending their life alone. The reason I say that we all need to be ok with it, is because it changes our personality a little. It makes us be more fun, outgoing, and most importantly to be ourselves.

I say this because if I wasn't ok with being alone, I would go on dates, and I would blow it by spending the whole time worrying. Worrying about if my hair was ok. Do I have food on my face? Does he like me? Oh god he's just asked me what's my favourite movie. Crap! I'll have to think of something...I can't tell him it's the Aristocats.

I think if we are ok with being alone, then we be ourselves because it is no loss to us when someone doesn't like us for who we are.


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