Arranged love part 1

Arranged love part 1

Posted 2014-11-06 by homemaker midorifollow

Arranged love? Yes, this is the alternative words to describe an arranged marriage that has worked out.
I am 26 years old. Mother of one child. I spent more than half of my life here in Australia. It is surprising isn't it? how can someone who spent more than half of her life in growing up here can agreed to an arranged marriage.

I only met my husband three time before I said 'yes'. Not 'yes' for marrying him but 'yes' when the celebrant asked if I accept him as my husband. I don't know it happened so fast. I never belonged to the popular cool crowd. I was lonely and have very few friends.
I guess I was looking for a friend and therefore; didn't have any opinion on the marriage.To add more surprises I didn't only agreed to an arranged marriage but, also agreed to live with his parents. His parents are very traditional and strict. We both come from an South East Asian background. Most South East Asian people are very strict as in laws.

All arranged marriage has a matchmaker who brings two people together to decide if they are eligible to marry each other. I had a matchmaker too. He was a family friend. The first time I saw my husband was at his house. He didn't come to meet me alone. Of course his parents were there. Not only his parents, his other relatives were there too. I still stayed calm. Why? Honestly I don't even know that answer myself. Maybe because, few years back when I was in high school finishing year 12 I fell in love with a friend of mine who turned out to be a horrible person. No, he wasn't my boyfriend. I just find out some really horrible things about him. I couldn't trust anyone and let my family decide my destiny. It hurt. I couldn't get over him but, hated him at the same time.

Anyway, after meeting all his relative I finally get to meet him. The most anticipated moment...
His mother was still sitting with me. He opened the door. I saw a dark, tall guy walking in....
To Be Continued.........


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