Birthday Flowers

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Ever wondered what flower represented the month you were born in?

Over time, people have devised meanings and symbols for flowers.

JANUARY.—The Snowdrop which symbolises the concepts of purity, hope and gentleness.

FEBRUARY.—The Violet hold ideas of modesty, kindness and faith.

MARCH.—The Daffodil, symbolising daintiness, sincerity and graciousness.

APRIL.—The Primrose, representative of lovers.

MAY.—The White Lily, symbols of purity and sweetness.

JUNE.—The Wild Rose, figures love and loyalty.

JULY.—The Carnation, the emblem of kindly thoughts.

AUGUST.—The White Heather, represents luck and the best of good fortune.

SEPTEMBER.—The Michaelmas Daisy, marking of riches and happiness.

OCTOBER.—The Rosemary, the symbol of remembrance and kind thoughts.

NOVEMBER.—The Chrysanthemum, concepts of faith and truth.

DECEMBER.—The Ivy, holds ideas of loyalty, fidelity and faithfulness.


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