Can Only Hope I Grow Old With Someone

Posted 2014-02-04 by Katiefollow
Image Cheryl F

There's something magical about finding the one and knowing they are who you want to spend the rest of your life with. It's something we all want to find.

It's not as easy as typing some details into a computer and coming up with an answer. The only thing we can do is look for love and hope we find it.

It has been said that there isn't one person out there for everyone. And that's a bit of a scary thought. What if I end up alone? I'm sure we have all had a moment where we were feeling down, and have thought about things like this.

But this feeling goes away, and when we feel better, we look better. We show our best side, and we really shine. This is what is needed to go out and look for love.

It is said that if you doubt yourself, you won't find anyone. Because when we doubt ourselves, those we go on dates with will think you know yourself better than anyone else, and if you think you are a loser you must know.

I don't lose hope that I will meet someone someday, and when I do I hope I can grow old with them and enjoying many happy times together.


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