Chick Flicks

Chick Flicks

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A Chick Flick has come to mean a movie designed to appeal to women. They used to mean movies that featured skimpily clad or naked women.

Modern day chick flicks are mostly about romance, love and relationships. They follow a 'template' like popular romantic book publishing houses.

They are feel-good type of movies where everything works out in the end. They that tug at the heart strings but have an element of comedy in them.

Why are they so popular?

  • You can see different ways people handle relationship situations.
  • Great marketing ploy by the movie industry - a lot of them are released around Valentine's Day.

  • Why do we watch them?

  • Most are easy/light viewing.
  • Most people can identify with the trials and tribulations of falling in love. That time in the beginning when you are on edge and unsure of whether the other person likes you or not.

  • When do we watch them?

    Everyone will have their own reasons.

    I like to watch them when I'm tired and can't sleep. Or if I've had a particularly hard day and want to see something with a pleasant element to it.

    How do we watch them?

    Here again everyone will have their own preference.

    My ideal way to watch is to be dressed comfortably (pyjamas), pillow on couch and a rug, snacks and with the lights off. Alone.

    Oh, and must have a box of tissues.

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