Create Your Soulmate Wish List

Create Your Soulmate Wish List

Posted 2013-12-16 by Justine Crowleyfollow
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What qualities are you looking for in your ideal partner? Think it through. The creator of this wonderful universe we live in has promised us that we can have whatever we want, if we only believe. The same is true when it comes to manifesting your soulmate/life partner.

Be crystal clear on what you want in a relationship. Wishy washy outcomes will attract mixed results, as the universe will not know what to bring you in your ideal relationship.

Go ahead, grab a journal. If you don't want to get as sophisticated as the latter, then a simple pen and piece of paper will do. Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

What do you want in your ideal partner?

What profession will that person work in?
Any specific star sign?
Has money?
Owns a home?

As within, so below. For example, if you want to attract someone loving into your life; you must be a loveable person. If you want an honest mate, you need to be honest with others too.

Have faith, and put your desires out there. Many of the qualities you have written down will manifest in the love based relationship you're seeking. Enjoy the journey.


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