First Love Breakup

First Love Breakup

Posted 2016-03-02 by Mina Keenanfollow

Uptown this evening, I saw a mate's daughter. Eyes tired with the effort of crying and a posture to match - she regaled the story of her new, raw, ravaging breakup.

My heart went out to her. I told her to try and remember that most of us have been through that kind of heartbreak - so while the experience is 'common' - I knew she was feeling really yucky and she could take heart that she can get through it and over it.

The good thing was she was able to talk about it and had a couple of really good friends in her Mum and Dad - people she trusted and that really cared about her and how she felt.

Heartbreak is horrid at any age - the first one is a first experience of it - so intensified on so many levels.

Its one of those things that I'm not sure 'gets easier' each time it happens.

I suppose the main thing here is - other people survive and so can you.

  • Make yourself your priority
  • Do something small and lovely and inexpensive for yourself each day
  • Forgive yourself for any wrong you did
  • Realise and trust time will heal
  • Put it down to experience

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