First Time Love

Posted 2014-08-05 by pippa richfollow

We caught the same bus in high school. He would tease me, poke me and pull my hair, gently.

He played guitar like a master, he was in a band. He had cool friends. He then grew up and started smoking cigarettes, and marijuana, and began to drink.

We would have a drink and a smoke together before school and after school. We would sneak out late at night and meet up in the park. Or I would sneak into his room through the window.

When we were together, I would lye in his arms. One night he kissed me, he said I was a good kisser. He was my first real kiss.

He would come over and play guitar in my room. I photographed him for a school arts project.

He said I was close to him.

I said he was my soulmate.


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