Foods To Avoid Eating On Your First Few Dates

Foods To Avoid Eating On Your First Few Dates

Posted 2014-02-04 by Justine Crowleyfollow
Image Courtesy of moggara12 These can be slippery little suckers. Lots of great food, yet there are certain ones to avoid on your first few to impress.

Congratulations, you've scored yourself a date. Hot tip before I go on to discuss the culinary side of your dating experience: just relax and be yourself. This also comes to the food element of the date. Inspiration strikes to write an article on this because the majority (if not all) dates involve a meal together - whether it is or lunch or dinner, although brunch dates are starting to become something too.

Everything in moderation. It is highly likely that you and your date will want a few alcoholic drinks together. Therefore, take it easy. It is not a good impression to become inebriated on your first few dates; especially on your first. This is a scar that will take some time to heal. Like any scar really.

1. Pasta

Ah yes, especially the spaghetti. Love it how you need to use a spoon and a fork to twist some spaghetti around and plump it in your mouth. Too much, and you will have literally bitten off more than you can chew. Ladies, you would not want any of that sauce on your lovely silk dress. The man would not want any on his clean white shirt either. Leave this Italian stuff alone for another time. Also for those carbs too.

2. Pizza with extra cheese

Pizza is fine, provided there is not too much cheese on it. All of that cheese will be hard to come off your pizza, and all of a sudden you've become a Roman when you don't want to in this situation. And worse, the cheese is difficult to separate from one pizza to another.

3. Garlic

Although garlic enjoys superior health benefits, the breath can be a turn off. Same with onions. Chilli is ok. The garlic breath lingers for longer, even with the use of Listerine strips or similar to freshen that breath.

4. Super crunchy foods

Salad is a perfect food for a date, provided the lettuce is not too crunchy.

5. Some yum cha treats

Those slippery little suckers (other than dumplings) when served soaked in soy sauce are difficult to pick up for the chopstick connoisseur, of whose native mother tongue is not Asian. Even when you stab the treat in order to pick it up, it can still cause a mess on the table, and a bit of soy sauce could land onto someone's clothes - not to mention dirtying that lean white tablecloth.

If you come across any other foods to be cognisant of when it comes to the first few dates, please leave your comments where indicated. Good luck.


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