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I have been pondering the love lives of some of the famous. Common traits and possible reasons they are able to get away with what they do in terms of love.Some seem to marry a lot, have multiple partners and are unable to settle.

Famous people have some quantity of genius. That is why they shine, are noticed and accoladed.

It seems that pop stars, actors and the like thrive (buzz) on their success. To keep up that buzz maybe they must do things on a level different to us mere mortals.

Its as if the genius thing that they do produces an extra energy that must be directed somewhere and the most satisfying things or places are those that do the most harm to themselves. It seems they must do things in a large way. Maybe its a balance to their large lives.

Most have the means to afford what they like, when they like. A responsibility to support those who work for them makes some behave in a way most would think unsuitable eg tantrums and demands.

Sheer genius forgives many misdeeds.. a don't care attitude - egotism and hedonism.

People do things because they can or because they must. They are enabled or just can't help it or just don't care. Its as if they can't help always putting themselves first.

Many famous people have a persona they are expected to live up to. Their stories are often sensationalised by the media.

But does all this only pertain to the gifted? I don't think so. Its just that their lives are public. Plenty of people who are not famous have similar qualities.

It is a questionable balance. I do believe everything balances out in the end, even if we don't quite understand it.


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