Get Rid of that Creep

Get Rid of that Creep

Posted 2018-03-07 by Mina Keenanfollow

Socially, I know a pesky person. It took some time to realise he is an ingratiating, back peddling idiot. He is an older guy who seems to rely on that fact as an excuse when he stuffs up.

He acts out his own idea that everybody loves him and goes about touching, hugging people and kissing females - at regular intervals of about 10-15 minutes.

He demands a lot of attention and goes around giving it - unwanted though it may be (especially in my case).

When things got to the 'nuisance' stage I felt I should make allowances due to his age, possible loneliness and maybe a health problem like the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's.

At first I was polite, then tolerant. However his persistence had me telling him to 'go away' and had other people coming to my defence (aid).

It is not flattering when certain people overstep the mark and insist on being your friend when you don't want to.

Call it negative chemistry, or not taking crap or maybe I'm just a cranky old bird.

The 'not nice' piece of me thinks hes had a whole lifetime to hone some insidious ways.


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