Great Expectations of a Princess

Great Expectations of a Princess

Posted 2017-03-20 by Mina Keenanfollow

Many women expect the fairy tale. Get the man who has been brave in your cause. He is handsome as well. He has a castle and is a man of means who is not snobby and accepts you as you are. He sweeps you off your feet to go live happy ever after.

You think that any differences will be worked out without a hitch.

You'll have children together and everything will be perfect.

The poor guy has a lot to live up to. Superman with bells on.

Big expectations make for big comedowns.

So you've got him. But he drops his socks on the wash house floor and has an annoying habit of leaving his used toothpicks around the castle.

He doesn't quite look like Superman in the mornings five years down the track.

This kind of scenario assumes a lot of power for the Princess.

As life is a series of changes, I have come to see that people must change too as they go through trials and tribulations - life experience.

Staying with one person for the rest of your lives and being happy for the majority of the time requires work (it takes two to tango).

Being on the same page and staying there may be an overwhelmingly difficult thing to achieve.

Princess, get yourself a lapdog. He'll be devoted and won't answer back.


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