Handkerchief Flirtations Part 1

Posted 2014-08-19 by Mina Keenanfollow

During the Victorian era people had to devise ways of getting a message across - I find this flirting with hankies thing really cute.

The Victorian era was a time when decorum was introduced to the masses. People being people and love being what it is - there had to be a way to express things and still be 'respectable'.

Here is what your could do to 'speak' to your man - or vice versa.

The Handkerchief Code

  • Drawing across the lips—I want to get to know you better..
  • Drawing across the eyes—I'm sorry.
  • Taking it by the center—You are too pushy
  • Dropping—We'll be mates.
  • Twirling in both hands—I don't care.
  • Drawing it across the cheek—I love you.
  • Drawing it through the hands—I detest you.
  • Letting it rest on the right cheek—Yes.
  • Letting it rest on the left cheek—No.
  • Twirling it in the left hand—Just go away.

  • What fun it must have been to think this up and then get society to start using it.

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