Handkerchief Flirtations Part 2

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We tend to think of the Victorian era as being stuffy, hoity-toity and prudish.

This silent flirtation was used by both men and women- a unisex thing.

A code that could be used when 'ears' were present -like maids, servants, nannies - when you wanted to communicate with your beau (or beau-ess).

The Handkerchief Code

  • Twirling it in the right hand—I love someone else.
  • Folding it—Can we talk?.
  • Drawing it across the forehead—People are watching us..
  • Over the shoulder—Follow me.
  • Opposite corners in both hands—Wait for me.
  • Placing it on the right ear—You have changed.
  • Letting it remain on the eyes—You are cruel.
  • Winding around the forefinger—I am engaged.
  • Winding around the third finger—I am married.
  • Putting it in the pocket—I am done with this.

  • How exciting this must have been. Think of the excitement and secret-ness of the first flush of love. I am guessing this code would have been for the upper classes.

    See Part 1

    See how they used postage stamps for the same kind of thing.


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