Healing Heartache

Healing Heartache

Posted 2014-06-07 by Mina Keenanfollow

The crushing hurt you feel when your heart is breaking can make you feel as though your world is at an end.

Take heart - this has happened to most everyone. The experience is not new. Other people have got through it fine even if it takes a while.

You will hurt emotionally for a while. You have invested time and energy with a person - you built a relationship - it is not easy to just drop it and forget all about it.

Its okay to cry and sulk - just not for too long.

Treat yourself as your new best friend. Pamper yourself when the hurt is at its worst. If you tend to hide for a while when things have become overwhelming - let yourself.

Acknowledge the hurt but don't let it consume you.

When you have healed a bit - don't assume every man/woman is the same or like your ex.

Look after yourself - do some things you wanted to do, have long baths, read some books - find yourself a little so you are not needy.

It is not often that Mr Right turns up the first time you are in love. That relationship may be over - but it has opened the door for that potential Mr Right.


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