How No Contact Rule Helps in Getting Back With Your Exboyfriend

Posted 2017-09-06 by sosa2follow

You already might have seen and read hundreds of articles about how to get back with your ex-boyfriend and I'm pretty sure that more than 80% of the articles have mentioned no contact rule as one of the tips and tricks. But today, I am exclusively writing this post just to let you know that how no contact rule alone helps in getting back with your ex-boyfriend . Well, you might have already understood the details of the rule. It's simple. You should not contact your ex-boyfriend for a specific period of time. Of course, this means no emails no calls, no texts, nothing.

Why is no contact rule so important?

Well, the reason to follow this rule is to give you some time off from your relationship so that you can be able to think and make a decision in a better way. Things can go south if you make bad decisions and you can make bad decisions if you are biased. I am not saying to end your relationship with your ex-boyfriend but what I am saying is it is just important to let yourself experience what it is like to live without your ex-boyfriend. This also means that you let yourself gain some space and perspective on the kind of relationship you had and want to have with your ex-boyfriend.

And there is no other way to gain a better perspective on the relationship by healing and getting yourself together.

How to follow the no contact rule?

You need to understand that the person who desperately tries to get in touch with their ex often seems to be vulnerable and emotionally weak. So if you are too having a difficult time moving on from your ex and your broken relationship then you need to realize that the only reason that you are hurt and sad is because you still want your ex back and together with you the more you try to get in touch with your likes and try to explain the situation and how badly you want to get back with him the further you are pushing him away from you.

And the best way to disconnect yourself mentally and give yourself some time off from your relationship is by ignoring your ex-boyfriend entirely. And here are a few steps that you should be doing during the no contact rule.

Are you still doubtful and uncertain about how the no contact rule works? Then here are some of the excellent steps you have to follow.

Step 1: Get Active

Many studies proved it that more active you stay, the better you feel.

Certainly, the advantages of getting and staying active indeed give a lot more than you think. The very first thing is, you will feel a lot better than earlier and ultimately that will let you in reducing the pain of your broken relationship and allow you to take control of your life faster.

Next thing is. when you look better and stay active, your ex will definitely at least give a thought about your relationship.

Try doing some exercises like yoga, jogging, etc. If you are good at sports, you can also consider joining a sports club or the one you like.

Step 2: Get Social

Of course, nobody likes to meet new people or hang around with them after their breakup. But shockingly, your senses here are not that good for you in the long run.

When you are sad, all that you feel is shut down yourself from all sorts of communications with your friends and family. But all it does is nothing but make feel even worse. And it also takes your ex for the review from you. and that is why it is important to have a social life.

I did not mean that you have to go out to a party and enjoy just after he dumped you. Take a few days for you grieving because it is important not to push yourself that tough right at the starting.

But once you are done, make sure you spend some quality time with your friends and family. And this could be the best thing that could you do for yourself and for your mental health. If you like, you can also start saying new guys and you don't have to see a guy just after your break up but a casual date can help you gather yourself and improve your mental state.

Step 3: Take care of yourself

Breakups are so hard. In fact, they are that tough that they could take a toll on you both physically and mentally. They could be hundreds of sleepless nights and endless tears and that is why it is important to give yourself some good dress and recover after your break up.

You can choose things that could relax you like a body massage, spa, sauna, or anything that makes you feel relaxed.

Step 4: Give him time to miss you

Usually, there will be a hell of a lot o negative feelings that will occur after a breakup for both parties. Many times after the breakup all that your ex-boyfriend can think of about the negative things in your relationship.

The no contact rule was created to give your ex-boyfriend some time and space to get over all those negative things from your relationship and only remembers the good part about it but you know know that to happen all that he needs is some time to miss about those things.

If you try to get in touch with him you're preventing all that stuff from happening and he ends up remembering only those things that spoil your relationship. However, when you give him some good space he will realize that breaking up with you was a mistake and he will try to get back with you from his side. This is the essence of the no contact rule and is the biggest reasons out of all why it works just great.


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