I Want His Baby

I Want His Baby

Posted 2014-03-10 by Mina Keenanfollow

The guy you have your eye on may not really be the one you want.

A while back, I read somewhere that women pick their men to breed with according to some innate, instinctive primitive qualities.

One is a type of subconscious smell. You detect a smell on your partner that is compatible and irresistible to you.

Another is a quick subconscious assessment of that partner in terms of how powerful he is - things like physique, or money or influence. How he will defend and provide for you.

The article went on to suggest that women were actually quite powerless in their choice. That some kind of primitive logic was at force.

All this regardless of whether the man is a cad or not.

It would certainly explain why some ladies pick 'bad boys' or have affairs or go straight to the crux to 'get their man'.

Going on this theory, I would venture to say men have something similar.

It would explain a lot of twisted plots and schemes and the lengths people go to to get what they want in the pursuit of love.

There is no rhyme or reason or obvious logic to onlookers why certain people end up together, or stay together in toxic relationships.

Probably best put by Joan Le Mesurier - wife of British actor John Le Mesurier in a documentary on both herself and John's previous wife leaving him for another man - 'we just fell in love'.


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