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Hints and tips for writers at Truly Heart.

Once upon a time the net was text based. Long story short - people wanted images, business gurus saw an opportunity for more sales and developers made it happen.

You've written your article and it is fantastic. Then you go and put a junky picture to accompany it. Bad form. Good pictures make your work look professional.

Every article on Truly Heart requires at least one image. Images on the Internet are not fair game.

Your own images are best to use, but if you are getting them from the net, you need to know how to cite them.

Public domain images do not require citation or attribution and are the best (easiest) images to use for those new to writing.

For Truly Heart

It is best NOT to use:

  • Too many photos of yourself, family or friends. It is fine to take photos where they are not identifiable, for example someone sitting on a step with their back to you, or posing with arms in the air reaching for the sky etc.

  • Pictures with obvious watermarks in them.

  • Detracts from your article. Watermark is too large and central.

    Yuck! As above.

    This would be okay - unobtrusive.

    Most places online require writers to know about images. Sourcing and citing or making them. It is a valuable skill and adds to your knowledge base and employment prospects.


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