Improve your Internet Dating Profile

Improve your Internet Dating Profile

Posted 2014-01-08 by Ericafollow
Image courtesy of num_skyman Be really specific about your interests in attracting quality dates on your online dating profile.

Once when sending in my CV for a job, I put two of my interests down as the paranormal and radical feminism. I wouldn't recommend that as a strategy for attracting potential dates to your profile or for getting a job (I didn't get a call back). Your dating profile is supposed to give people a snap shot of who you are, and to help them decide whether or not they would like to come in for a closer look and maybe grab a coffee with you.

So, what if you want to make your profile interesting, but you don’t go mountain climbing, visit photography exhibitions or scuba dive? What if you don’t follow politics or know anything about Russian literature? What if you really do like doing what most other people like doing - namely going to the beach, having BBQs with good friends, and drinking red wine in front of an open fire?

It is still easy to make yourself sound interesting and unique; even if you weren't kidnapped on a backpacking trip around Peru. The trick is to not just write about what you like doing, but why you like doing it. For example, if you like going to the beach, think of why or even when. Do you go before work to welcome the day, or after a stressful day to wind down? Do you sit in a café and watch the waves or meditate on the sand? Do you watch the sunsets? Do you swim? Now think about what it is about these activities that you like. It it the thrill of waves washing over you, the sun on your back, or just relaxation?

When you think more carefully about your love for the beach, a simple sentence such as ‘I love going to the beach,’ becomes “I head to the beach whenever I have the time. I like to find the quieter spots and take a lazy swim as it helps me recharge after a stressful week.” Anyone who reads this sentence will instantly have a clearer picture of who you are as a person.

And drinking red wine in front of a fire? Would it be in front of a campfire beside a lake, or at a cabin after a trip to a winery? Is it a chance to have meaningful conversation, or a chance to laugh at a bad rom com DVD? (Both sound fine to me).

In the world of internet dating, you cant stand in a pub full of singles chatting, mingling and looking seductive. Your profile needs to do all the leg work. Spending a bit of time on the details gives you a better chance of grabbing a coffee with that special someone who may be clicking through the profiles as we speak.


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