Posted 2014-01-13 by alex_follow

I met online through a mutual friend. My friend had spent so much time telling me about how amazing was and how similar we were that I told her I had to meet him.

For weeks we played a game of cat and mouse over Facebook, my friend would make a status that she knew would catch ’s attention, once he had commented on the status I would follow suit, most of the time it ended with us having a conversation utilizing the ease of the statuses we would talk for ages; feeding off of each others interests it would drive our friend crazy although we never took notice.

One day I had made a comment about a TV show we both loved on one of the statuses, a short time later and had sent me a friend request. We talked in private a few times where we got to know each other slightly but nothing ever came of it.

On occasion I’ll like one of his statuses or he’ll like one of mine and it will always make me wonder what could have happened but our geographical locations just don’t match up and liking a status or double clicking on an Instagram post is enough for me.


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