Language of Precious Stones

Language of Precious Stones

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When you gift someone a precious stone - do you know what you're really telling them?

Precious stones have their sentiments, which have come into being over time.

Meanings of Precious Stones

  • Garnet—Consistency, faithfulness and loyalty.
  • Amethyst—Sincerity.
  • Bloodstone—Courage, bravery.
  • Sapphire—Repentance - commitment to personal change.
  • Emerald—Happiness in love.
  • Agate—Health and long life.
  • Ruby—Forgiveness of, and exemption from trouble friendship and love.
  • Sardonyx—Faithfulness and loyalty in marriage.
  • Chrysolite—Freedom from evil passions and sadness of mind.
  • Opal—Faith, hope.
  • Topaz—Loyalty and friendship.
  • Turquoise—Prosperity - flourish.
  • Diamond—Innocent.
  • Pearl—Purity.
  • Cornelian—Contented mind - a satisfied state of being.
  • Moonstone—Protection from danger.
  • Heliotrope—Privacy.

  • So the next time you buy a piece of jewelry for a lover or friend, you might want to take these meanings into account - just for fun.

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