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Image courtesy of Pixomar When freedom ties in with love, sweetness paradise reigns all round.

Like the world of duality. Love and freedom. You cannot have one without the other. We all require love because we are one energy field, and hence freedom is a by-product of this. Love is a union between two people who want to spend their time and life together. You cannot put each other up on pedestals. That is not love - that is addiction.

When it comes to loving your partner, you are blessing them for who they are as a person. Most importantly, with natural love you're giving them the freedom to be themselves. We are all special and unique. You cannot change anyone else, you can only change yourself.

Sadly many people do get abused and beaten up by their partners. This is not love and freedom. Your partner needs to be respected for who they are as a person, like you have that basic innate need within you. This need is within all of us.

It is a bitter pill to swallow when a long lasting (albeit intimate) relationship is coming to an end. The best thing you can do for yourself is to accept it and move on. Sometimes the other party struggles with this notion.

For example, there was a situation where a wife took the kids and left the husband behind. The husband could not stop contacting his wife while separated, to the point that his contact was beyond stalking. Eventually he was locked up as he was denying his wife the freedom to choose for herself. Thereby his freedom was taken away from him as a result. She needed some breathing space. Her up and leaving was a sign that this particular relationship had some flaws, of which is too detailed for this article.

Revenge in a love based relationship turned cold is the ultimate love and freedom killer. For example, I am sure you have seen exes constantly contacting their partner after breaking up with them. Extreme cases also include popping up to their house unannounced, as well as changing e-mail passwords to their old mates e-mail account. Definitely not love and freedom. When things don't go according to plan, accept and move on.

Another example, me and my partner at the moment. I love him for who he is (even though I have not announced this to him yet after many months - the time will be right soon), and even though I would have liked him to have been home for this festive season (as at the time of writing this) - I still gave him the freedom to travel overseas to be with his family for a few weeks. Clinging and desperation is not love. You are denying your partner their freedom, while in duress your freedom could be compromised on the back of such selfish behaviours. Nobody wants addiction and to be put up on pedestals.

In a relationship, avoid euphoria and the cave . Give your partner ample breathing space. Life is about someone achieving and living their life outside of a relationship. With freedom, absence can and does make the heart grow fonder. Sweet.


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