Love Depression

Posted 2014-01-26 by Katiefollow

Sometimes a relationship doesn't work because one person in the relationship suffers depression, and the other person can't deal with it; or they think this is just who their significant other is, and don't even know they are suffering.

I'm very sure that 100% of the time that someone is diagnosed with depression they are given medication for this. But it doesn't have to be this way. A few simple changes to your lifestyle and diet can change all this and improve your mood.

You might not think you suffer from depression, but try these simple tips anyway and see if you feel any different. After all it can't make you feel any worse.

There are some supplements and foods you can have to help with depression; such as fish oil, cabbage, whole wheat oats and brown rice. I bet you're surprised about the list. You were probably thinking I would suggest some type of weird super food with a name that's hard to pronounce, and probably tastes like seaweed. Well luckily that's not the case. Other things you can do to help is to exercise and get some time in the sun without sunscreen. The reason for this is that sunscreen blocks the absorption of vitamin D. However in saying that, it is only recommended to spend up to 20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen.

So now that you have all this knowledge, my suggestion is: have a big bowl of oats for breakfast; go for a run in the sun and start to improve your mood. Feel the changes. Your body and mind will thank you for it. And so will your partner.


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