Love Does Not Really Change

Posted 2016-09-26 by Mina Keenanfollow

Love stories are fascinating. Especially true ones. Like the King who threw up his throne for love with a divorced woman who was a foreigner to boot.

Of course I'm referring to King Edward and Wallace Simpson. If reports are true - here is an ex-King that would wait for his woman at the bottom of a staircase to escort her to dinner. He might wait for hours and if she didn't come down he would weep.

I enjoy biographical documentaries and movies but am always mindful of the teller's perception or the movie's 'artistic license'. I am mindful also of my own perception.

Take into account the times when things happened, the social morals at the fore - what was taboo, frowned upon etc - things that put a story where you can really appreciate it.

Could be wrong but it doesn't appear that love has not changed any over the ages.

It is repeatedly seen throughout history - only thing is the change of dress and language. Basically its the same story.

Two people get together and the world be damned.


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