Love Rivalry

Love Rivalry

Posted 2014-01-21 by Mina Keenanfollow

Having your eye on someone is a harrowing business. Someone has taken your fancy - may have even asked you out for a date. But he's not 'yours' yet.

You're on the lookout for potential rivals. Its a natural thing. You are poised to recognise interactions that are more than 'normal' when it comes to 'your man'.

Your guy is paying too much attention to another person, listening too hard, looking too long, standing or sitting too close.

What do you do?

Womanly wiles have been around since woman has. You could:

  • Stamp your feet, yell and tell him what a pig he is.

  • Ignore it and see what he does.

  • Talk to him about it.

  • Tell her to bugger off. Or say something ambiguous or sarcastic.

  • Trounce off in a huff. (He'd better follow you).

  • Approach them, being all sweet and make an excuse why you and he have to leave... now.

  • Befriend the woman. Better the devil you know. Something Princess Diana was said to have done with the Aussie girl Kanga regarding Prince Charles.

  • You've heard of the saying - 'All's fair in love and war'?

    If you are really into this guy, you will do one of the above - if you're not or he's just not worth it - you won't.



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